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About Us

BTSI is a centrally located,  fully licensed, insured, and bonded brokerage company for auto freight transportation in 48 states with 20+ years in the automotive/transportation industry.  

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The following information is provided by Bowyer Transportation Services, Inc. not only for our Carrier's compliance, but to help ensure their safety, and the safe delivery of the vehicles entrusted to them in our behalf.   We believe, that by adhering to these guidelines will help make loading and unloading go smoothly, and keep us delivering undamaged, on time shipments.  Should you have any questions regarding any of the information within, please feel free to contact us at 660-548-3005 for more information!

Standardized Requirements for Carriers

Below are the standardized requirements to become an Authorized Carrier for Bowyer Transportation Services, Inc.:

Certificate of Insurance
The original certificate with Bowyer Transportation Services, Inc., as Certificate Holder and Named Additional Insured with no less than 30 days notice of cancellation.  Your insurance carrier must send the certificate.
Minimum liBTSIlity coverage of $1,000,000.00
Minimum amount of cargo coverage of $250,000.00
Copy of current FHA Authority Certificate or appropriate State registration.

W-9 completed and returned.  IRS regulation requires backup withholding of 30% of payment if W-9 is not on file.

Certificate of ICC Contract Carrier Operating Authority.

Federal ID Number

Signed Broker/Carrier Contract.

Initialed checklist signifying Carrier has read and understood the Tools, Attire, Loading and Unloading Requirements, Transportation and Delivery methods, and Attitude expected from Carriers for Bowyer Transportation Services, Inc.   

Required Tools and Attire

Clean coveralls or uniform.  No clothes with rivets or other metal attachments.
A pair of cloth work gloves
A tie-down bar, not exceeding 34" in length
A height stick
A small adjustable wrench (for antenna removal)

Loading and Unloading Requirements

Remove watches, rings, and dangling jewelry before handling vehicles.
Inspect each vehicle for damage prior to moving into position for loading.  If non-previously noted damage is found, notify Atlasta terminal manager immediately.
Smoking, eating, drinking, or lounging in vehicles is not allowed.
Double-check the VIN on each vehicle prior to loading and unloading.
Enter and exit vehicles through the driver's side only.
Keys are to remain with you at all times.  Do Not leave keys in doors while loading or unloading.
Ramp angle must not exceed 8 degrees for cars and 11 degrees for trucks when loading and unloading.
Vehicles must be driven at 5 MPH or less when loading and unloading.  Use only low or reverse gears.
Close all windows and set parking brakes on all vehicles when loaded.
Set transmission in Park for automatics and in Gear for manual transmissions.
Vehicles must be tied down or parking brake set with transmission in gear or in park before adjusting ramps.
Only use manufacturer approved hooks to tie down vehicles.
Vehicles must be secured at all four tie down points.
Front and rear tie down chains must exert opposing forces.
Tie down chain angles must be 35 degrees + 10 degrees.
Never deflate tires to reduce load heights.
After a vehicle is tied down, there must be a minimum of one wrap of chain around ratchet bars.
After tying down, a minimum of 2" clearance must be maintained between the vehicle undercarriage and the trailer.
Never bottom out the vehicle's suspension while tightening chains.
After tying down, a minimum of 3" clearance from bumper to bumper, bumper to cab, or bumper to trailer, must be maintained.
After tying down, a minimum of 4" clearance must exist between the vehicle roof, deck lid, or hood and the top.
Unused tie down chains must be secured in a manner that will prevent vehicle contact.  Extreme caution is required when securing vehicles to avoid chains coming into contact with vehicle finishes.
Vehicles should not be tipped in excess of +25 degrees during loading/unloading, and not shipped on inclinations in excess of +17 degrees.
Place safety pins in posts before going underneath or unloading vehicles.  If unloading top units, over bottom units, do not allow chains to drop onto roofs of units below.


Plan route before leaving yard to avoid low overpasses, road construction, or other know in-route hazards.
Check overall height before leaving the yard.  Adhere to height restrictions: generally, 14' West of the Mississippi, and 13'-6" East of the Mississippi.
When leaving yard, leave 1 copy signed and dated trip sheet for each vehicle.
Confirm estimated time of arrival at each dealership.  If actual delivery time will very from promised delivery time, notify Bowyer Transportation Services, Inc. immediately.
Double check the condition of each vehicle at each stop.


Park your truck for unloading in the dealer's requested area.  If unknown, ask prior to unloading.
Make final inspection on each vehicle with dealership representative.
Leave a copy of the delivery receipt with the dealer representative.
Always be polite and courteous to dealers, representatives, yard staff, or other personnel you encounter during your trips.  

After Hours Deliveries

No night drops will be made without prior authorization from representative of Bowyer Transportation Services, Inc.  NO EXCEPTIONS